12 July 2024

Our wines are successful in 2024

Our wines are successful in 2024: our awards. Today, we are proud to announce that our cellar has not only been crowned the best organic Swiss cellar 2024, but has also been awarded numerous medals!

20 June 2024

Cave de La Côte Cocktails

Are you torn between a glass of wine or a cocktail? 🍹Good news, there’s no need to hesitate! You can combine the two and enjoy cocktails based on our wines!

18 June 2024

Have you ever heard of Servagnin ?

If that doesn’t ring a bell, don’t panic! This is a very rare Swiss grape variety…
Introduced to the Morges region 600 years ago by Marguerite de Bourgogne, it was the first Pinot Noir to be grown in Switzerland.

13 June 2024

What is orange wine ?

Despite what you might think, orange wine is nothing new. Dating back to antiquity, it’s far from just a fad. The tradition of making orange wine is still very much alive in the Caucasus. Find out more in this blog post.

12 June 2024

Cork or cap?

Have you ever felt cheated by buying a bottle… with a screw cap? In this article, we explain why the cork stopper isn’t quite as… romantic as it sounds. Why not give the screw cap a chance the next time it’s used to crown the wine you’ve chosen. The cork stopper Cork comes from the […]

16 February 2024

Scores Robert Parker 2024

We are delighted to announce that our wines have been tasted and rated by the famous Robert Parker/Wine Advocate Guide. These scores reflect the daily commitment and excellence of the entire Cave team.

12 January 2024

Calendar 2024

Discover the exciting world of Cave de La Côte in our Agenda 2024. Explore a multitude of activities and come meet us at our fairs, exhibitions, tastings, festivals and open cellars.

Join us for memorable moments and unforgettable tasting experiences. Consult our diary to keep up to date with the events that will bring your passion for wine to life throughout the year.

6 December 2023

Chasselas, the real treasure of La Côte

In just a few points, we’ll take a look at the unique characteristics of this grape variety, its fascinating history and the reasons why it’s so popular with wine lovers.
Get ready to be seduced by Chasselas and discover our medal-winning wines at the end of the articles.

Discover the mystery of botrytised grapes : A hidden treasure in the vineyards

Did you know? Late harvests are taking place around Saint Martin’s Day.
Why is this? Because when temperatures tend to cool, a fungus called botrytis cinerea settles on the over-ripe grapes. Find out all about botrytised grapes !

30 May 2023

Organic distinction

Château d’Es-Bons 2022 voted Best Organic Chasselas at the Biovino Competition

9 June 2022

Rodrigo Banto, awarded at the Mondial du Merlot 2022
with “Merlot Reserve Inspiration”.

They say that southern wines are full of sunshine. What is certain is that the star that day was shining on the face of our oenologist Rodrigo Banto.