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22 August 2023

Chasselas, the real treasure of La Côte

In just a few points, we’ll take a look at the unique characteristics of this grape variety, its fascinating history and the reasons why it’s so popular with wine lovers.
Get ready to be seduced by Chasselas and discover our medal-winning wines at the end of the articles.

6 June 2023

What is orange wine?

Here’s the long-awaited explanation to help you shine in society about the orange wine. Despite what the news may seem to suggest, orange wine is nothing new. Let’s take a look at what goes into making orange wine.

30 May 2023

Organic distinction

Château d’Es-Bons 2022 voted Best Organic Chasselas at the Biovino Competition

11 April 2023

Cork or cap?

Have you ever felt cheated by buying a bottle… with a screw cap? In this article, we explain why the cork stopper isn’t quite as… romantic as it sounds. Why not give the screw cap a chance the next time it’s used to crown the wine you’ve chosen. The cork stopper Cork comes from the […]

10.06 – 10.06 – Nyon

Spring tastings

We look forward to seeing you at our spring tasting to introduce you to the 2022 vintage and a selection of wines from outside our borders.

9 June 2022

Rodrigo Banto, awarded at the Mondial du Merlot 2022
with “Merlot Reserve Inspiration”.

They say that southern wines are full of sunshine. What is certain is that the star that day was shining on the face of our oenologist Rodrigo Banto.